Welcome to Nature Contest 2020.


The way we understand natural systems today is radically different from the way we understood them only a couple of decades ago. For example, once we considered brain as the CPU of a body, centrally processing all its functions. Then we discovered that even skin alone could adapt to multiple changes at the same time through its molecular-level reorganization. And that immune system was actually a complex adaptive system. This level of complexity at the scale of sub-systems makes an organism much different from what it was before- as a source of inspiration. The diagrams which depicted old linear natural systems are now too simple to depict new non-linear systems. So how can we even diagram perpetual unpredictability and dynamic perception?  

Getting Started

If you wish to participate in Nature Contest, I recommend that you make an effort to find out the latest big ideas from different fields like physics, biology, computer sciences, politics, art and architecture etc. Do you know that Leonardo da Vinci explored different materials to make his own paints and went as far as digging up graves in order to dissect organs and understand human anatomy better (don’t go that far). His cross-sectional drawings are referenced in medical schools to date. Sir Richard Buckminster Fuller would famously ask his class to find out first, the latest published research on a given topic before starting out his lecture on that topic. Still, commitment to discovery is not the only trait you must acquire to win this contest. You must be aware that it is becoming more and more difficult for an individual to actually invent something today. It is so because of two reasons. Firstly, technology has advanced to a point where companies, not individuals- and mostly those companies which collaborate with other interdisciplinary companies- have the resources to make real innovation. And secondly, the patenting process has become way too complex as well as too expensive for most individuals to patent their inventions. Therefore, it seems impossible for individuals to actually shape up the future. But the silver lining in all of this is that individuals are now compelled to do exactly that. Extraordinary individuals have no choice now but to think big, to think at the scale of humanity; singular idea which has the power to gravitate industries and investments and more big ideas itself. Nature Contest is a global competition of extraordinary individuals having revolutionary ideas. If you have a vision so big or so deep that you do not have the resources to execute it on your own, then your idea is what Nature Contest seeks.

Umair Zia