Participation in Nature Contest is FREE. There is no need for anonymity because all entries will be evaluated by Umair Zia and Mashal Umair.

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Submission Guidelines

Start up an email and following the following 5 steps:

  1. Enter in the Recipient’s address.
  2. Make Subject of your email, “2020 Entry“. (Write nothing else in subject)
  3. Attach the PDF file of your Essay or Design entry. Please check entry guidelines before attachment. PDF file should be named in the following format: Your Last Name_Essay or Design_2020.pdf (For example, John_Essay_2020.pdf or Sana_Design_2020.pdf)
  4. Attach a seperate PDF file containing your name and contact details. File should be saved in the following format: Your Last Name_Contact_2020.pdf (For example, John_Contact_2020.pdf or Sana_Contact_2020.pdf)
  5. Send the email along with two attachments.

Submission Deadline for Both Categories is 1ST JULY, 2020.