The premise of Nature Four is that life is a synergistic outcome of natural process. Look at skin, for instance. We could draw the cross-section of skin down to the scale of a cell but it would still be a static (finite) illustration. The beauty of skin is that it can perform multiple functions at the same time. It is a part of skeletal system and keeps muscles and tendons in place. Skin is also sensitive to touch. It can release fluids and is also the heat-exchanging device of a body. The ability of molecular reorganization (change of inter-relationships between parts) makes skin a complex adaptive system. Now this is just skin. It is how nature designs the entire organism.
Moving towards nature gadgets, consider two identical equilateral triangles as systems, A and B. They both have one planar surface each. But by reorganizing (rotating) their vertices, we can achieve a new system C which has four planar surfaces. The two extra surfaces only reveal themselves when system A and B combine together in certain particular way. Therefore, 1+1= 4.

Now replace the above systems with latest existing technologies. Consider a car which comprises of several individual technologies. Car has a sturdy frame- an armature which distributes structural forces to the ground. There is an engine (another system) and a cooling system for that engine. Then there is lighting system and shock-absorbent system, to mention a few. As advanced as car-organism appears to be, its individual technologies do not combine synergistically. How would nature design a car then? Nature might start with one system say, the car-frame. It (nature) would break down this system into its attributes and objectives. One of the objectives is to provide support to the engine. The engine is linked to the engine-cooling system which has hollow tubular sections which allow fluids (air or liquid) to flow. A car-frame is also made up of hollow tubular sections. They can be used to extract heat from the engine and convert heat energy into light. Light can travel and reflect internally through those sections- escaping away at instances where needed. This way, there is only one component needed, a car-frame which is capable of performing multiple functions at the same time i.e. structural integrity, thermal-regulation and lighting. This idea was inspired from the beak of toucan- which is the prime structural organ of the bird as well as a thermal regulator. Check out a nature gadget which keeps engine cool for further inspiration.