Umair Zia and Mashal Umair are the jurors of Nature Contest.

Umair Zia is an Architect and Assistant Professor at National College of Arts, Lahore. He has published a number of articles in international research journals and is a member of editorial board of ii International Journal of Interior Architecture + Spatial Design. Umair Zia runs four Nature-Inspired initiatives namely, NatureGadget.com (technology+nature), NaturePolicy.com (philosophy+nature), NatureTutor.com (Art+Nature) and NatureContest.com (International talent competition). Umair can be reached at umair.zia@nca.edu.pk

Umair’s beloved wife Mashal is also an Architect and Interior Designer. Together, they run a small Architectural design practice in Lahore by the name, Takmeel Design Consultants (Takmeel meaning realization- of dreams).