Nature Policy Category

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There are no restrictions in regards to age, nationality, gender, profession or experience of participants in either category. There is no restriction on the topic of essay either. It must have some relevance to nature only. Objective is to provide maximum freedom to participants so they they indulge in thinking and writing process without constraints. However, only individuals are allowed to enter the contest. Teams are not allowed. All entries must be in English.

Submission Template

In the essay category, we are looking for big ideas which are either inspired from nature or which aspire to preserve nature. These ideas should be articulated in the form of a “short essay” not exceeding 1500 words. Remember Mark Twain’s famous confession that he wrote a long letter because he didn’t have time to write a short one? We are looking for short and dense pieces of powerful ideas. You are open to choose any topic. Some potential target areas could be cities, politics, sustainability, inter-planetary travel, policy, ethics, technology etc. We encourage you to write about anything with force as long as it has an angle to nature. Authors must mention their names under the title of the essay.

The file should be saved in PDF format and named after the Title of the essay.

Nature Contest Essay Category

Submission Method

Participation in Nature Contest is FREE. There is no need for registration prior to entry. To send your writing entry, please follow the following steps:

  1. Open up a new email.
  2. Enter in the Recipient’s address.
  3. Make Subject of your email, “2020 Essay Entry“. (Write nothing else in subject)
  4. Attach the PDF file of your design entry. PDF file should be named in the following format: Your Last Name_Essay_2020.pdf (For example, John_Essay_2020.pdf)
  5. Attach a separate PDF file containing your name and contact details. File should be saved in the following format: Your Last Name_Contact_2020.pdf (For example, John_Contact_2020.pdf)
  6. Send the email along with two attachments.


Two Honorary MentionsCERTIFICATES

All entries and the details of their creators will be promoted globally.


All entries must be emailed before 1st July, 2020 at 11:59pm GMT

Results will be announced in November. Results will be emailed to all entrants.

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